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Trait. Assimilation (Trait) - Assimilation allows Kerrigan to gain 100% of her damage deal from basic attacks as shielding.The key to it being strong is the fact the amount returned is doubled against Heroes. Although it won't keep you permanently alive if someone is beating on you, it does provide you with some valuable mitigation and allows you to go toe to toe against most Heroes.

King Varian Wrynn, often called Lo’Gosh or “The Ghost Wolf” was an ideal ruler. The one who eventually gave his life for the people who he swore to protect, unlike some others we know (yes Arthas, I’m looking your way). As you know, he came to the world of … Varian - High King of the Alliance ← Valla Whitemane → Few would have expected that the gladiator known only as Lo'Gosh was in truth the missing ruler of Stormwind, Varian Wrynn. Varian can solo boss with both ults colossus smash and twin blades. Talents I took: Overpower > Warbringer > Second Wind Second wind is the only key talent, since if you drop below 50% your sustain becomes huge, keeping you alive even with the slower attack speed with colossus smash We know that Varian is a melee multiclass hero and he’s able to choose its path between a Warrior or an Assassin.

Varian build hots

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The build isn't the most common one, but it honestly should be. Low charge cooldown, charging in and getting free crit autos every 4 seconds. Then having the

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Varian build hots

Lúcio Build & Guide - Heroes of the Storm | Tre kronor trupp - senast tre hots logs nova Hotslogs varian | the best site dedicated to analyzing .

How to Build a Deck: Composite Decking and Deck Railings. Composite deck Och det finns varianter med och utan tak, så dess ritning varierar.

Varian build hots

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8 Dec 2016 Varian's Warrior build selects Taunt as the heroic ability at level 10.
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Varian Build Guides for Heroes of the Storm (HotS)

Game walkthroughs, playthrougs, let's plays catalogue. Heroes of the Storm Ranked Gameplay (S2) - Varian Dual Build (HotS Varian Gameplay Hero League) build guide by KendricSwissh, updated 12/19/16 Varian Guide by CavalierGuest; updated 2/11/16 Parry/Collosal Smash Varian guide by Horsepants, updated 2/28/17 Skip to content HOTS Experts Hey guys. So Varian has been on of my mains for a good while although I haven’t played him as often as before. I started out with a Taunt build and slowly went to Twin Blades, the one that gave me the best results overall. Played a couple of CS with some success but didn’t seem as secure.